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Airport Passage

Aviation: Airports and Air carriers

Sapere’s co-CEO was among the architects of civil aviation security in Israel, including Ben Gurion Airport, one of the most threatened and secured airport in the world.

Due  to its international nature, socioeconomic utilization patterns, psychological impacts and media interest surrounding aircraft involved incidents, aviation security is one of the most sensitive and challenging areas within the world of security. The hijacking of an aircraft, a mid-air explosion or an attack at an airport generates both publicity and disruption; therefore, air transportation targets maintain a high value in the eyes of terror organizations.


Aviation security encompasses a range of proactive activities designed to prevent terrorists or other hostile elements from boarding aircraft, smuggling weapons and explosives onboard, or harming people within the airport facility. Additionally, it prevents the unauthorized use, theft, and sabotage of airport and/or airline assets.

Safety management is necessary to ensure that the facilities and equipment are safe for the audience.

An effective security operation deters potential adversaries from carrying out attacks, yet neither hampers airport and airline operation, nor causes discomfort to passengers and other persons arriving at the airport.

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